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Kanto - true audiophile sound for all
Kanto was founded in January of 2007. Our founders had a vision to build quality products with style – and offer excellent value to customers throughout their life cycle. Many years designing and manufacturing OEM products for large consumer electronics companies gave them the passion and understanding they needed to create a new brand with outstanding potential. Today, that knowledge and passion, combined with our team of dedicated design engineers, is the driving force behind our success.

Kanto is an exciting brand of CE products with a mission to support our customers' digital lifestyle. Inspired by an equal appreciation for sound and design, we offer a colourful selection of powered desktop and bookshelf speakers, sealed subwoofers and uniquely designed speaker stands.

The bottom line is that each and every member of the Kanto team represents a consumer, and none of us would be satisfied selling a product that we ourselves wouldn't enjoy in our own home. Kanto is made up of people with years of experience in customer service, sales, product development, engineering, and entrepreneurship. Every one of us is passionate about what we do, who we are, and where we're going.

Our Commitment

Where most companies only promise superior customer service, we deliver it. We're committed to continually raising the bar when it comes to customer support, and are determined to ensure complete satisfaction throughout all our channels and end-users. There's always someone ready to answe

Our aim is to get as many people as possible into the wonderful hobby that is HiFi audio and to deliver a real stereo experience for the lowest cost possible. The best way to start there is with a proper turntable. We want to give the customers back the right to choose what they need, without overblowing our products with unnecessary features.

We are official distributor of Kanto in Ukraine

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